Depths of Thought: Shortcut to Perfection

I love fiction. I learn much through fiction, whether it is made by Christians or non. There always seem to be threads of truth lurking somewhere within, even if the ones who created the fiction have strong beliefs in lies. One thing I’ve noticed recently is how much modern fiction seems to include a search... Continue Reading →

Depths of Thought: Judging Thyself

Most people have a problem with mixed bags. That’s a problem, because most people are mixed bags. We aren’t all good or all bad. Our actions aren’t always good or always bad. Mass murderers are capable of kindness. Gentle-hearted philanthropists are capable of cruelty. At times it feels as though we are at war with... Continue Reading →

Depths of Thought: The Successful Life

What does a successful life look like? Something big, like being rich and famous? Something simpler, like being loved? Something basic, like having one's life "together"? How about this one: Having the time and ability to do what we enjoy? So often we measure our lives to the ideal of what we think life should... Continue Reading →

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