The Vast Humility of God

God, You are so patient with me, although I am weak and easily frightened or distracted and think foolish things. You remember that I am but dust yet also the bearer of Your image – what humility You show! – and a temple to Your own sacred Spirit, and You show unceasing mercy to me. I am very foolish. I do not have understanding. Yet You pursue me. Yet You do what is best for me, even as I doubt Your heart toward me. Yet You protect me and give ear to my prayers. Yet You show me great favor as if I please You, as if a creature of dust – frail and small and helpless – somehow brings joy to Your awesome and majestic heart, full of all wisdom and understanding and authority and capability and power and worthiness.

How great is Your humility! It is utterly beyond our understanding, for we cannot comprehend Your magnitude nor the heights from which You stoop to touch and inhabit the infinitesimal hearts of Your beloved and adopted children, entering these weak bodies of flesh into which You have placed eternity itself. And yet the world does not know You. And yet Your own so often exchange Your glory for that which is not glorious nor eternal. And yet our hearts so often try to fit on Your throne, as if such a thing were possible, yet in Your humility and mercy, in Your amazing patience and untiring forgiveness, You stand and wait for us to give it back, when You have every right to push us to our knees.

Instead You coax and plead, instead You speak as a gentle Lover, as a kind and caring Father, as a good Shepherd, as a Friend, and do not treat us as our sins and as our very smallness and presumptuous self-importance deserve. Instead You take the very great punishment and condemnation that we have earned and You bear it Yourself, You who are of infinite and immeasurable beauty and worth. Upon us, by costly exchange, You instead bestow the unparalleled glory which You earned for Yourself in righteousness and truth, unequaled purity and obedience to goodness.

Who can comprehend this?
Yet You remember we are dust, and You show mercy according to the riches and tenderness of Your heart.
How fathomless is Your mercy!
How indescribable is Your humility!
How desperate are we for Your incomprehensible love!
How unconquered is Your grace!
Thank You.



Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

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