The Worth of a Sparrow

God, just trying to understand myself is so difficult, then there’s trying to express myself accurately and in love. I fail very often. It’s such a relief to be known by You.

We frail, folly-led humans tend to so often base our ideas of our worth on the imperfections and sins of others: someone misunderstands me, so I form the incorrect conclusion that I am not worth being understood; someone abuses me sinfully, so I form the incorrect conclusion I’m worth being treated that way or not worth anything at all.

Yet You understand me fully before I even try to explain myself and before I understand myself. Yet You bore all the sins and shame and ultimate pain and condemnation so I wouldn’t have to. All good things I have came straight from Your merciful heart. Things I cannot imagine for their splendor wait for me someday. You Yourself, who are of greater worth than all Your creation combined, You give me Your very self to inhabit me, to wed Yourself to me, to adopt me forever.

What, then, are the conclusions I should form about my own worth?
1. That it’s unchanging.
– It’s not based on me and never will be; it’s based on You, and You are unchanging.
2. That it’s immeasurable.
– The price You paid to buy me is Yourself, and Your worth is measureless.
3. That it’s sure.
– You, God, Master and Ruler of all that is and is not, You declare my price; who can gainsay You? The devils accuse, but You rightly proclaim them liars.

What a relief this is to me! All my fears are put to rest. God, make this truth sink in deeper that I may never forget nor doubt Your goodness and Your heart.

Thank You.



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