What kind of God?

God, at the end of days, You will account for every sin and every righteous deed. We will all “get what we deserve.” All the pain and suffering and perseverance will be recompensed, and all the doing of harms will receive retribution. The time of mercy is now. The time of justice will come, and all will be revealed for whom they truly serve: the beast/the devil or the worthy Prince who was slain and lives forevermore. We will all bend knee to someone. Whether we live or die, what matters is whom we choose. We live in the time of Your mercy and patience. Thank You for that! Terrible will be the time of Your justice and wrath on the nations. All injustices that have occurred and are to occur in the time of waiting will be rectified in the time of Your second coming.

Holy and righteous are You in every way! Your compassion is mighty. Nothing will be forgotten. The sins of the saints are atoned by the most precious blood and life of You, Jesus. The sins of unbelievers will be paid by the blood and life of the offenders, and they who reject You, refusing to repent, will be cast into the second death, the lake of fire and brimstone, where there is torment day and night forever and ever.

What foolish person will consider sin trivial? What person without knowledge or understanding will accuse You of injustice, wrong-doing, partiality, malice, or indifference? What more important question could there be for us here on earth than whom we will serve? Our eternal destinies hinge upon our answer. Yet we “don’t have time” for You. How deceived we have become! Yet You are patient with us. Yet Your love overflows toward us. Yet You call us by name and pursue us to the ends of the earth. Yet You gave Your own life and blood to purchase us from the second death to instead give us freely the waters of life. More, you actually reward us for obeying You, which is what we were created to do in the first place.

What kind of God would, when His own creations rebel and scorn Him and do what is evil in His eyes, instead of destroying them and starting over, would instead lower Himself, clothe Himself in their flesh, submit Himself to their mercy -or lack thereof-, suffer at their hands, bear their scorn without retaliating, then take on Himself not only their trials and temptations and sorrows and weaknesses and infirmities, but would allow His flesh to be broken and surrender His perfect blood to be spilled, taking on their atrocities, their heinous sins, making Himself as a stench -who was the very fragrance of life and all goodness- so that He could bear their punishment and shame and condemnation and death itself in their stead; then would return to life and offer not a return to allegiance as slaves but adoption as sons and daughters to the poor, stupid creatures who put Him to death and spat in His face? What kind of a God would reward those tattered, desperate creatures who come to Him -even as their very last resort after they have tried all other paths they could- and reward them beyond comprehension and accept and welcome them gladly, with rejoicing, and call them beloved and son and daughter and friend and bride? Only a God of tremendous love and compassion, whose blood conquered the grave itself and whose grace is stronger than sin. Only You.



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