Faith of the Blind

God, it’s hard to see Your compassion in the midst of suffering sometimes. It’s hard to see Your tenderness in the midst of torment. It’s hard to trust in Your love sometimes when You tell Satan yes and we don’t understand why, and even when we do. It’s hard to believe in Your sovereignty and involvement when all seems chaos and failure. It’s hard to believe in a bright future when we’ve lived long in darkness.

But someone who has lived all her life inside a cave may enjoy the light and warmth of a campfire yet cannot understand the existence of nor imagine the brilliance of the sun. Yet her lack of knowledge, even lack of hope, does not lessen the sun’s existence nor power. There is a sun. Blessed are those who believe so while still in the cave. There are many who have seen the sun, and we have their testimonies. Blessed are those who cling to what is true even when mocked by those who believe the cave is all there is. Happy are those who are willing to accept what they have not YET seen over those who draw conclusions about the whole universe based on what they have seen inside the gloomy darkness of the cave. Such is the physical world to the spiritual world. How little we see of what is actually going on! You see all, and You speak through Your Word. When we choose to trust You, we begin to align our lives with what is actually real. As we seek You and You speak to us and reveal Yourself and Your ways to us, this confusing world begins to make more sense.

I don’t understand everything, but You do.
I get confused, but You don’t.
I can’t find my way out of the cave by myself, but You came into the cave to find me and lead me into sunlight.
I lose myself, but You never lose me.

God, You are leading me into sunlight. Even if I’m not there yet, I will be. Just because all I’ve known is cave doesn’t mean cave is all there is. You are the Light of the world. Those who will turn to You and follow You out of the cave will no longer walk in darkness. Even within the cave, Your light illuminates more than we could ever see before. It’s not up to me to find my way out. I must trust You.
I trust You.



Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

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