STOP trying to be a good person… really

New nonfiction book! Please check it out! For those of you who love ebooks, the Kindle version will be available from Amazon for FREE during Labor Day weekend, starting on Thursday, August 29 and running until the end of day on Monday, September 2! Here are the links: For PAPERBACK CLICK HERE For KINDLE EBOOK... Continue Reading →

My First Nonfiction, NEW BOOK!

If you have ever wondered why happiness is so hard to find in this life and why it is so fleeting and if God cares about your happiness at all and why He sometimes seems to be set against our being happy, this book is for you! Available from Amazon on Kindle and Paperback!

Wallpapers and Quotes

Every once in a while I put a good quote and a good picture together to make my own desktop wallpaper, like the one above. Today I decided to add the ones I made to my website so anyone can use them! Check them out by clicking here!

Kinsey 2 Kiwaft?

Welcome to my new blog! Here I will post thoughts I'm pondering, prayers I've written to God, and of course, book announcements! In case you're wondering about the name, Kinsey and Kiwaft are the primary locations for two of my favorite stories that I'm writing: His (Love) Story and The Legends of Kiwaft series, respectively.... Continue Reading →

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